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Terms and Conditions

  • Only Businesses with own website can advertise.
  • All sales must go through your own website
  • NO SALES TO GO THROUGH eget-cbd.com
  • Anyone found to be selling through message RCD service will be banned and no refund given.
  • All products must be legal in country you are shipping from and to.
  • Anyone reported to us by authorities to be sending illegal goods will be banned and no refund given.
  • Advertisers are responsible for all material and information on adverts.
  • Anyone found to be knowingly abusing copyright from another company can and will be banned and no refund given.
  • No foul language
  • No Adult material
  • Only Chemical advertising any other products will be removed, and no refund given
  • Anyone found to be knowingly selling to under 18s will be banned and no refund given
  • Research Chemicals directory.com does not take any responsibility for products not delivered this is a contract between the customer and the website you are buying from only.
  • Anyone found to be constantly scamming customers deliberately will be banned no refund given.
  • Research Chemicals Directory takes no responsibility for illegal goods being shipped from advertisers as we sell no goods and goods cannot be purchased on site