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Hemp Futures cultivates CBD-rich hemp plants and manages all aspects of production, distributing the most refined organic CBD oil to relieve a variety of health issues. Safe, pure products you can trust 100% from a reputable international brand.

You can trust our products 100%; they are consistent of the highest quality, free of contaminants, provide accurate dosing, and taste great!  And our products are THC-free!


CBD OIL 10% (1000MG)

63,00 – 180,00

Looking for a slightly stronger concentration of CBD oil? CBD Oil 1000mg is the ideal choice.

It is made by an internationally renowned family business, whose expertise in CBD translates smoothly into their bottle of CBD Oil 10% concentration.

The EU certified strain of hemp used is grown in organically certified soil, is ideal as a medicinal treatment and a practical, high-quality, natural medical aid.


Parda 8, 10151 Tallinn, Estonia